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1. Why did you decide to work for the company who are now working for?
1) The position offered match my career goal
2) I would meet my working experience requirement for my CPA license
2. Describe what you do in a typical day / week / month / year.
1) Manage and oversee the daily operations
of the
accounting department
2) Process
payable/receivable, cash receipts, general ledger, payroll
and utilities, treasury, budgeting, cash forecasting,
revenue and expenditure variance analysis, capital assets
reconciliations, trust account statement reconciliations,
check runs, fixed asset activity, debt activity etc
3) Monitor and analyze accounting data and produce
financial reports or statements
4) Establish and enforce proper accounting
policies and principles
5) Coordinate and complete annual audits
6) Improve systems and procedures and initiate corrective
7) Assign projects and direct staff to ensure compliance and
8) Meet financial accounting objectives
9) Establish and maintain fiscal files and records to
document transactions
3. How many hours do you work in a typical day/week?
Answer: It depends. In a busy season I might work 50 hours a week and in slow
season, I might work 40 hours a week.
4. How many hours in a typical week – outside of the office (i.e., on your own
time) – do you spend on firm related/career matters?
Answer: It depends. Varies from 0 to 10 hours on a weekly basis
5. How does your job match with what your expectations were when you
took the job?
Answer: It matches my expectations
6. Does your company value your contributions?
What are their
expectations of you today and (say) one year/five years from now
Answer: Yes, my contributions are valued. Recognition was through email.
I am not sure about their expectations about me in one year or five years. That
was not discussed. I only know that in my annual evaluation, my supervisor
rated me as exceed expectations.
7. In that regard, does your firm provide training/continuing education
Answer: Very minimal. We did have on-site Excel training last year.
8. In a perfect world, do you see yourself working for this company in 5
years; why or why not?
Answer: I would say it depends. If there is a good offer, I would consider
moving. And if within the company, it changes for the good, I might want to
grow together with the company. Right now, I am too comfortable with what I
9. Where did you go to college; what was your major? Do you believe your
college experience prepared you for this job? If not, how could the school
have done a better job preparing you?
Answer: I went to college in China and majored in International Business. Then
I went to Mt Sac for continuing education in accounting. The college
experience in China did not prepare me for this job. Since what we learnt is too
abstract and general. It does not really relate to the actual working requirement.
However the courses that I took at Mt. Sac did a lot to prepare me both for the
CPA exam and this job.
10. What long-term “career” type benefits do you think this job provides for
you; if you had it to do all over again, would you make the same choice(s)?
Answer: It gave me a promotion and brought me to where I want to be on my
career path. It also allows me to get the working experience to receive my own
CPA license.
11. Among your different working places, which one do you think made you
improve the most?
Answer: I think my current make me improve a lot.
12. Do you have any advises for students who are major in Accounting?
Answer: Learn your debits and credits! Get a good grasp of the fundamentals

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