Answer & Explanation:608_Week_2_DB_Theme_1Results of Improper Project ManagementLearning Objective: Analyze an IT project lacking proper management.According to Flinders (August, 2011), approximately 17% of information technology projects have an average cost overrun of 200%. (Please look at the reference at the bottom before start the work). In addition, they have a high occurrence of scope creep – 20 times greater than other types of projects. Some suggest that the cause is attributed to managers’ lack of IT expertise.Find an article that addresses failed IT projects (failed information security projects preferred).  In at least 250 words, address the following in your main post.Summarize the article and include your opinion on the major points. Compare the article’s assertions with Flinders (2011) in terms of cost overruns, number and causes of failures.  Do you agree with Flinders or the author of your article?Posting Guidelines:  This assignment requires an Original Posting from you of 2-3 paragraphs answering the weekly questioncompleted by Friday nightand all replies by Sunday night. In addition to any specific posting assignment (“Original Postings”), you must post threecritical thinking reply messages to get minimum credit for participation (a ‘B’ grade).  These should be to other students on other students’ threads in addition to answering any questions on your thread. More participation gets more credit. Reply messages such as “Good post.” or “I agree” do not count. Please use standard English with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling in your postings. Messages must be posted on more than one day. Don’t wait until the last minute! ReferenceFlinders, K. (August, 2011). Failed IT projects demolish big businesses and executive careers, say researchers. Computer Retrieved from

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