Answer & Explanation:Reputation is what people think of you, how THEY think you
perform, what THEY think you are capable of, and where THEY think you
can go. However, only you know your whole story from beginning to end
and what you want to see in it all at the same time. Your character is everything you have to offer in this world if you are fortunate enough you will be able to align the two so what others percieve you is in the exact direction of where you intend to go. However, never let what your reputation is stop you from achieving what you want and more because only you are capable of setting limitations not them. 
If i had a bad reputation is something you are known for my word to
the wise would be try your hardest to prove by actions that you are
capable and different than what people think however do not let it ever
stop you from reaching your vision to be whole. these may become some
bumps in the road but it is just a small chapter and your story is not
done just yet.agree or disagree with 2-3 sentences

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