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Provide on reference and at least 150 words: Discuss the elements of
organizational designs and how organizational design is linked to organizational
behavior, communication, delegation, job satisfaction, and employee motivation.
What have you experienced in the workplace?
Read the passage and give feedback in at least 100 words:
All organizations are made up of basic elements such as structures and
resources. The concept behind an organizational design is taking those two
elements and using them to accomplish the company goals. There are two types
of organizational designs known as traditional or contemporary. The traditional
design is a simplistic approach that is used by companies with small amounts of
employees providing a simple structure. This approach offers a vertical
organizational structure that outlines departments as their functional structure
and divisions as their divisional structure. This approach offers layers of
authority whereas the contemporary design offers a more flat or boundryless
design that is involves a structure built on teamwork and collaboration. These
teams work to project structures that drive learning.
Overall the boundryless design offers employees the opportunity to be
more independent and self driven. In the traditional design the leaders or
managers typically feed the goals and drive to their completion as they are in a
more centralized authority structure. That becomes challenging to compete
against in the realm of job satisfaction and employee motivation when the
contemporary design offers open lines of communication and participative
My organization offers a hybrid of the two organizational
designs. Although the organization as a whole is based on a traditional hierarchy
design, my department is very unique. We are offered the opportunity to work as
a team in our department and come up with better ways to complete tasks. One
of our yearly graded items has become quarterly projects that are departmental
improvement based. We propose a problem, provide multiple options for fixes,
gain feedback on approval to move forward with our suggested fix, and
implement our new process. It has been an amazing experience to improve our
internal processes while impacting our external partners.

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