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Week 11
Question 1:
Many organisations provide a professional mentoring service to their new graduates or
employees. This can take the form of personal mentoring, where a senior employee mentors a
new or junior member of staff. How do you think that you could benefit from having mentor
during the initial years of your professional employment?
Write about a ½ page on this.
Question 2:
Provide details of 2 activities that you are going to undertake as part of your professional
career planning. These might include attending ACS events, subscribing to professional
publications, gaining accreditation in specific technical areas, or any others that you would
like to undertake. For each activity, describe how you believe that this will progress your
professional career.
Write about a ½ page on this.
Week 12
Name the one aspect of the Professionalism Environments online course that you would change
if you could.
Write no more than a paragraph in answer to this.

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