Answer & Explanation:How has private surveillance changed in the last fifteen years, and what changes can be reasonably expected in the next five years?  By private surveillance I mean non-govermental surveillance; this would include private investigators and companies.  At least four things to take into consideration:1.The technology, or means, used for surveillance.2. Who is doing the surveillance?3. Why are they doing it?Four pages plus a title page and at least four references.Notes on EssaysAll papers should be in MLA format, hard copy, with all pages stapled together (no paper clips). Each essay should contain:1. A separate title page.2. Body of the text (the number of pages given in the assignment)which should be double spaced, 12 point type, 1″ margins.3. Works Cited page, listing all works cited.The title page should contain1. The title (something more creative than “Essay #1”).2. Student’s name.3. Class number with section number (!).4. Lecturer’s name (i.e. Sander Eller).5. Due date.The length of the body of the paper may vary, and will be given with the assignment, and will refer to the number of pages in the body of the text.Information used in the paper should be documented, and references should be given inline (i.e. no footnotes) with items referred to listed on the Works Cited page at the end of the paper. A summary of the MLA format can be found at

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