Answer & Explanation:For this assignment, you will need to write a response to 5
questions. Your answers do not have to be long (a paragraph should be
sufficient) but they should be written in complete sentences. The
questions are shown below for convenience but you can download the
questions here in a Word document.
A patient comes to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription. You do
not recognize the patient but she states her name is Kim Johnson and
that she has 3 prescriptions to pick up. You go to the will-call bin and
pull out a bag with her name on it. You see these are all new
prescriptions. Discuss the ways you could prevent a medication error
from occurring at this point.Are there any situations where a Pharmacy Technician could perform a
drug utilization review? Why or why not? Describe at least three types
of drug utilization review that are commonly seen in pharmacy practice.Think about the steps it takes to fill a prescription. Analyze the
places errors can occur in the filling process, and discuss the types of
errors that can occur.What are the strengths and limitations of pharmacy automated systems?This question has two parts:How do drug shortages impact pharmacies and patients? Using the FDA website, list three current drug shortages. For each
of the three, list the name of the drug, the estimated shortage
duration (if given) and the reason for shortage (if given).

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