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This essay describes a moment I found myself in alteration with my friend who happened to be my classmate. We spend a lot of time together doing what teenagers do. However, an alteration happened one day that brought our relationship to a halt.
The real story
My story happened almost twenty years ago when we attended an overnight party at one of my friends’ camp. My friend who we had spent a lot of time together in our life had invited me to attend the party. The party was an event set to celebrate my friend’s birthday. When I arrived at the camp, my friend offered me one of the best bedroom in his house. This left me excited and humbled by this offer because everyone else was to sleep on the floor.
The party began immediately after dinner where several friends too were invited. It an electrifying even that I really enjoyed very much. All the fun, dancing, singing, cake cutting and drinking happened that night. You know the kind of shit that happens in a birthday party. Yeah, all that happened in that fateful night.
I woke to a strong force of a hand on my mouth while another person held my pants tightly. The energy on me, that was very huge. A person urged fiercely at me, (one from the Marines, one from the Army – arguing fiercely, nearly at blows about which outfit had done the most in the war, Staples). The next would be blows, I thought. Freezing chills ran through my body that left me helpless and unable to move my muscles at all. It was at the middle of the night. I wondered why the people who were my friends decided to do this to me. An inner voice came to me and told me to stay calm. I began to blame myself for coming to the party. I thought once again that this was my entire fault. Then something hit me: what is an attack just because they knew me? I tried to explain to them the need for us to talk and solve the issue, which I did not know.
I tried to negotiate with them to allow me explain myself but this could not dear any fruits. A hard object was deep on my forehead, (With a touchy paranoia born of living battered lives, they are desperate to be real men. Killing is only machismo taken to the extreme, Staples).That is the moment I realised I was in deep trouble. I remembered my sister’s words that warned me not to attend the party. I think my alteration over the girl I danced with in the party was the problem, I thought to myself. Yeah, it was the main problem. My friend was angered that I wooed his girl in the party and that we exchanged contacts. He wanted my phone. He claimed that we had been chatting for almost an hour and he wanted my phone to check what we were chatting.
I could not imagine that my friend could be used by my enemies to attacks me. It came to my attention that a true friendship can sometimes be vague. At all circumstances, I tried to avoid any fight that my friends wanted to ignite in the tightly closed room. Sometimes when the deal is too good, think twice. It was now clear that the offer was a trap for me. I blamed myself once again.
I gave out the phone to my friends. They scrolled and scrolled but could not trace any chat with Stacy. That moment on, I realized that I was all alone in the wilderness. My friend had betrayed me. Our relationship was over. Our relationship almost killed me. Ohhhh! I could not imagine. Sometimes relationships can be hurting…
From the above occurrence, it is evident that alterations can lead to violence. It is wise to keep silent and solve issues calmly. If I had started altering harsh words to my friends, maybe today I could not be writing this essay. My sister too had earlier waned me about the weird behaviour she had noticed with my friends and that it was wise for me to decline the offer. She fired for my life,(One evening that late December, standing in some Roanoke dive among drug dealers and grim, hair-trigger losers, I told him I feared for his life, Staples) .I learned that it is wise to adhere to what people around us tell us. Sometimes they can be right or wrong so the choice is yours to make.


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