Answer & Explanation:Locate a list of the 100 best companies to work for by using a search engine. Research companies from that list to ensure sufficient information is available to review the Organizational Behavior environment of that company. Look for the following key words: amplifying effect, pro-social behaviors, positive deviance, conscious capitalism.Select one of the companies as a team.Write a 250 word analysis of the team’s chosen organization and its climate regarding organizational behavior.  Include the following in your review: Does this organization encourage positive Organizational Behavior?If yes, how do they demonstrate this? <-------- The one I have to do!Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.Provide references.The company we picked was Quick TripCan read the essay my team wrote and add to it about the second question which is If yes, how do they demonstrate this? quick_trip_company.docx Unformatted Attachment Preview Quick Trip Company Does the organization Encourage Positive Organizational Behavior? Quick trip was founded in 1958 by Chester Cadieux and Burt B Holmes; they are a widely based convenient/retail store that offers almost anything from milk, eggs, toiletries, gas, and an own kitchen area for food and beverages . Quick Trip was labeled one of Fortunes best companies to work for and for good reasoning; employment development, above average wages, low cost for products, and simplicity for both the employees and customers. The company preaches about investing in their employees and uses their number one principle; simplicity. The company keeps the same layout in every store; this helps customers find what they need and employees are able to transfer from store to store with learning a new layout. Employees are also offered paid vacation and benefits, as well as “relief employees” which are employees that do not have a specific location, but on call if another employee calls out sick and they have to fill in. The success of the company also comes from keeping the company privately owned and promoting from within the company. Quick really values its customers and their employees; their success is from positive engagement with their employees and always putting their customers and employees at the top of their priority. Source: Hanna, J. (2011) QuikTrip’s Investment in Retail Employees Pays Off. Working Knowledge. Accessed from 3 September, 2016. ... Purchase answer to see full attachment

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