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t – Description
Mrs. Shumpert-Ebarb
Compose a formal, organized essay for the prompt below. Requirements and Due dates
are in the bullet points below the prompt.
Pick r of the following:
Describe what it takes to make a new place feel like home.
Describe a friend.
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CLASS (Vped) on Wednesday, August 3rst
Upload to
teClick on Friday, September z”d by midnight rz:ooam on Sunday, September 4tr
15% Introduction
The student introduces the subject being describe, creating a sense of context and import that builds
up to the thesis statement
15% Paragraphing and Design
The student develops his/her description of the subject matter in paragraphs of at least 6-7 sentences.
The details described give a sense of thoughtfrrl arrangement or desrgn that gives the organization a
sense of cohesion.
Specific Language
The student demonstrates a commitment to avoiding vague phrases (“It is” “there are”) and
ambiguous language (“something, everything, what, hou/’). The paper appeals to the senses through
immediacy and concrete details. The language demonstrates some attention to expanding the
student’s vocabulary.
zoo/o Audience and Purpose
The essay demonstrates a sensg of intention aimed at a particular audience. If the subject matter is
technical, for example, butthe audience is a general one, the author makes an effortto “translate”
professional terminolory into accessible language.
Grammar and Punctuation
The essay demonstrates a commitment to correcting grammar issues identified in the student’s
pretest. These may include dropped apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, they’re/their/there
confusion, or €ury number of potential issues.
r5!% -Conclusion
The essay reinforces the essay’s thesis by reminding readers of the main point and importance of the
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