Answer & Explanation:Answer and explain the following questions:why this answer is correct you have explain it clearly1.  The central command center for an Android application is known as thea.  Contextb.  Servicec.   Intentd.  Activity2.  The tasks in an Android application are referred to asa.  Intentsb.  Actionsc.   Activitiesd.  Services3.  For what purpose is a fragment commonly used?a.  To allow application components such as activities and services to communicate with one anotherb.  To measure the amount of battery usagec.   To avoid app crashes due to memory leaksd.  To hold the code and screen logic for placing the same user interface component in multiple screens4.  A resource identifier is a unique number that is generated where?a.  In the settings of the Eclipse IDEb.  Within the classc.   Within the resources.* packaged.  Within the class5.  The onCreate() method has a single parameter nameda.  Bufferb.  Devicec.   Bundled.  Partition6.  When the Activity reaches the top of the Activity stack and becomes the foreground process, what method is called?a. onDestroy()b. onRestart()c. onPause()d. onResume()7.  If an Activity is vulnerable to being killed by the Android operating system due to low memory, the Activity can save state information to a Bundle object by using which callback method?a.  onStop()b.  isFinishing()c.   onSaveInstanceState()d.  killProcesses()8.  When an Activity moves to the top of the Activity stack, the current Activity is informed that it is being pushed down the Activity stack by what method?a.  onPause()b.  onStop()c.   onResume()d.  onReload()9.  Tasks that do not require user interaction can be encapsulated in aa.  Serviceb.  Activityc.   Intentd.  Class10. You can retrieve application resources using which method of the application Context?a.  detectProperties()b.  getResources()c.   getAssets()d.  getAppResources()

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