Answer & Explanation:Please respond to this post and just add to it in 50 words or more.Provide an example of a null and alternative hypothesis for a hypothetical research problem of interest to you. Specify if the test of significance would be a one-tailed or two-tailed test and the rationale why the test of significance is one-tailed or two-tailed.It is known from the study the proportion of people who uses car while going to office is 34%.Now the researcher decided to interview 500 people and ask them whether they use car while going to office. Suppose the number of positive respondents is 155. For the above research problem the null and alternative hypothesis would be:Null HypothesisAlternative hypothesis, p<.34The above hypothesis statement is a one tailed test and it is left tailed as the research question is about decrease in the percentage of people who uses car while going to office. We can also decide from the alternative hypothesis statement that percentage is less than .34 with an inequality sign of less than .Thus we came to the conclusion that the test is left tailed.

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