Answer & Explanation:1.Exercise 5.1 (pp. 161-162). Answer Q. 1 and 22.Exercise 6.2 (p. 197). Answer the questions asked in this exercise.Use APA format, i will provide the text book laterExample of citation within body of response:(a) According to Smith and Jones (2012) the argument….(b) An argument has been made that X does not equal Y (Smith & Jones, 2012). Example of reference at end of response:Smith, J., & Jones, D. (2012). X does not equal Y. Journal of Xs and Ys, 13(3), 22-45.  (where you italicize the journal title (or book title) and the volume # (in this case, 13) but not the issue # (in this case, 3), and the page numbers (in this case, 22-45). I will give you the book later

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