Answer & Explanation:Hi, Please Follow these Guidelines Carefully.1.  I Am expecting Great Work from you without any Plagiarism. All Work will be checked using Safe assign & Turn It in tools for plagiarism.2.  Previously I Had a Problem with few tutors in this site. They have provided the same document for me & for another student. We Got 100% Match in Plagiarism and we both are suspended for a week. So Kindly Do the fresh work always and even don’t provide the answer by just modifying it from previously done works.3.  Always Place in text Citations & References in APA Format.4.  Take Care of Vocabulary and Grammar.5.  Finally, Trust Me I will assign Maximum Works to you only in Coming Days.Write 2 pages that define and explain the components and structure of the SQL environment.Explain the use of and the differences between DDL commands, DML commands and DCL commands.

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