Answer & Explanation:1-Write the
program that asks the user to enter 10 names of cities (one name at a time) to
be stored in an array, sorts the resulting list of city
names lexicographically and displays the sorted list to the console.
Note: Lexicographical order is a
generalization of the way the alphabetical order of words is based on the
alphabetical order of their component letters. It is also known as dictionary
Hint: Comparing two words
lexicographically can be done by using “<” and “>” for C++ strings.
Original List: Paris, Washington DC, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Rio di Janeiro,
Brussels, Ankara, Rome, Amsterdam
applying the Lexicographical order, the list will be become:
Resulting List:Amsterdam, Ankara, Brussels, London, Madrid, Paris, Rio di
Janeiro, Rome, Tokyo, Washington DC
If the first
letters of the two cities are the same, you should compare the next ones.
Original List:Ankara, Amsterdam
Resulting List:Amsterdam, Ankara2-You are
given the following source code to search for a number in an array

namespace std;
search(int sa, int list[ ], int size)

  bool notFound = true;
  int position = -1;
  int k = 0;
  while (k

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