Answer & Explanation:reply to post in 200 words or more.On the topic of unethical environmental issues, the Perdue farms definitely have a few worth discussing. Especially since whether we agree or disagree, we could all be affected. Since these issues affect the environment and community in a negative way, we see characteristics of socialism. The reason these issues continue to be an issue is because of profit. When it comes to Government interaction, there is a Clean Air Act and its “regulatory twin” the Clean Water Act to help control water and air pollution. However, these “concentrated animal feeding operations” have been known to escape these regulations.Although the Environmental Protection Agency could do a lot more to help regulate these large farms, it is ultimately the moral responsibility of each company. Because of the large numbers it is hard for the EPA to keep up. The companies are well aware of the number because they have to keep up with their profit. The animals are creating large amounts of ‘raw waste” that have been linked to air and water pollution. In fact, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization finds the livestock sector to be “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems” worldwide. Since 2002, at least 68 government-sponsored or peer-reviewed studies have been completed that examined air and water quality issues associated with animal feeding operations and 15 have directly linked air and water pollutants from animal waste to specific health or environmental impacts. Deontology is the theory that moral standards are grounded in instinctiverational obligations that we have. When it comes to major farms like the Perdue farm, it is their moral obligation-duty to protect our air and water. For them to be careless with this responsibility is unethical.·  Hoover, J. (2013). Can’t you smell that smell? Clean air act fixes for factory farm air pollution. Stanford Journal of Animal Law and Policy, 6, 1-29. Retrieved from U.S. Government Accountability Office. (2008). Concentrated animal feeding operations: EPA needs more information and a clearly defined strategy to protect air and water quality from pollutants of concern (GAO-08-944). Retrieved from

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