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Research Project Proposal
**You will develop a research project proposal that will include different parts. This is a
research project proposal, not a business plan proposal or business analysis proposal.
**You need to think of a research project topic that is interesting to you and related to your
field of study. If you are in business or management you can choose a topic related to business
or management. For example, there is a new business or new management strategy in the
market. You will need to develop a research proposal that you will do a research to find out if
the new business strategy or the new management strategy will be good and applicable for
your company or not. If you are in information technology you can choose something related to
information technology. For example, there is a new software or a new hardware in the market.
You will need to develop a research proposal that you will do a research to find out if the new
software or the new hardware will be good and applicable to your company or not. You will
develop a research proposal that will include different parts. The parts are explained below.
These parts actually become sections that you need to include and discuss in your research
project proposal.
**The completed research project proposal will include the following pages/parts/sections.
A: Cover page: your name, topic title, Course BUS-530: Business Technology and Research,
Summer Quarter 2016, American College of Commerce and Technology.
(no page number)
B: Abstract: a large paragraph to a one page abstract.
(no page number)
C: Table of Contents (List of sections/parts of the research project proposal). (no page number)
-Review of the Literature.
-Statement of the Problem.
-Purpose of the Study.
-Appendices (if there is any appendix necessary such as graph, chart, table, etc.).
You will introduce the topic or idea that you have for your research proposal. (maximum 1
page). Example: you are in business and there is a new business strategy or a new
management style in the market or you are in technology and a new technology has come to
Review of the Literature
You will review a few resources related to the topic of your research. If there is something new
in business or technology, you will review and explain a few resources that have talked and
written about that. (Estimated: 3-4 pages).
Statement of the Problem
You will explain what the problem is that you want to study.
Example: x business strategy or x management strategy or x technology is good but we don’t
have it in our company. (Half a page).
Purpose of the Study
You explain what the purpose of your study is.
Example: the study will try to find out how that x business strategy, or that x management
strategy, or that information technology tool, can improve the company if the company gets it.
(Half a page).
You create 3 hypotheses for 3 different ways that your idea can improve your company.
(example: the x business strategy, or the x management strategy, or the x information
technology can improve your company at least in 3 ways, each way becomes a hypothesis in
your study.
Hypothesis-1: that x (your idea) will improve the quality of work of company employees.
Hypothesis-2: that x (your idea) will improve the production speed of the company.
Hypothesis-3: that x will (your idea) will improve ………………………………………………….
You will list a bibliography of resources that you have studied/used for your research project
proposal. (at least 3 references).
The research project proposal itself is estimated at 5 to 7 pages.
Cover page; table of content page; abstract page; bibliography page; are not part of 5-7 pages.
Typed, double-spaced, font 12, using APA style.
The APA writing style is available on website of our college under training.
Due: Monday, September 19, 11:55 pm.

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