Answer & Explanation:Because colas tend to replace healthier beverages and colas contain caffeine and phosphoric​ acid, researchers wanted to know whether consumption of cola is associated with lower bone mineral density in women. The data shown in the accompanying table represent the typical number of cans of soda consumed in a week and the bone mineral density of the femoral neck for a sample of 15 women. The data were collected through a prospective cohort study. Complete parts​ (a) through​ (f).Number of Colas per WeekBone Mineral Density (g/cm^2)0                                                       0.8930                                                       0.8841                                                       0.8911                                                       0.8772                                                       0.8882                                                       0.8713                                                       0.8683                                                       0.8764                                                       0.8735                                                       0.8755                                                       0.8716                                                       0.8677                                                       0.8627                                                       0.8728                                                       0.865Critical Values for Correlation Coefficientn30.99740.95050.87860.81170.75480.70790.666100.632110.602120.576130.553140.532150.514160.497170.482180.468190.456200.444210.433220.423230.413240.404250.396260.388270.381280.374290.367300.361nThe least-squares regression line is ^y = -0.0029x + 0.8858​(b) Interpret the slope.Select only one option in parenthesis for each.For each additional cola consumed per​ week, bone mineral density will (decrease, increase) by  (0.0029, 1.0054, 0.5423, 0.8858) g/cm2​, on average.

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