Answer & Explanation:Select one (1) developing country, and discuss the fundamental actions that the leadership of the selected country is — or is not — taking to improve the living standards of its people. Next, using this same country, cite one (1) specific example of progress or regress that its government is making in terms of the economy, the political system, and the environment.Respond to the following statement:India is a developing third world country with poor leadership. Even though the same leadership has been in place for years, the people of India welfare is not government’s primary concern. There is a great disparity between the rich and the poor. India’s government is not providing enough measures to insure that proper education and jobs are available to the people in India. With the government being corrupted the people in India have a hardship that’s why poverty will always be a problem. Some of India has experienced political, economic and environment advancements. There has been tremendous growth in the literacy rates. Government has also taken steps to reduce traffic which reduces pollution by urging its citizens to use the metro or the monorails.

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