Answer & Explanation:I have posted these questions I have wrote about to be refixed I hhave attached my previous work and this is my teacher’s feedback.Your response to question 2 doesn’t identify how Couperin’s work musically resembles a French overture (e.g., in form, rhythmic or pitch motives, etc.).  For question 3, you need to be specific about how the chorus indeed “united” the characters.  For question 5, you’ve missed the fugue’s subject return that is similar to the returning sections of ritornello.  For question 6, what kind of texture is evident, as compared with the Catholic Mass?  Also, mention needs to be made about the NAWM examples

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2. In what ways does Couperin�sLa Visionaire(NAWM 97a) resemble a French overture?
Rameau�s music demonstrates a composer with exceptional technical knowledge whose
greatest desire was to know n as a theorist of art which is a great resemblance
with the French writers (Strasser & Prager,1990). Reuse of melodies after
meticulously adapting them that had earlier been successful was one way that Rameau
resembled the composers in France. His music had a few motets and cantatas as well
as solo harpsichord and harpsichord accompanied by other instruments (Rameau,
3. How does Rameau use the chorus in his operaHippolyte et Aricie(NAWM 98)? How
does the chorus interact with the other characters?
Rameau uses the chorus in his �Hippolyte et Aricie(NAWM 98)� to capture the minds
of his audience as it has a lot of invention included in it. The chorus helped to
reunite other characters that came up with a dazzling team that produced related
pieces of music.
5. Describe the Lutheran church cantata. What was the text like? What was the music
like, and from what traditions did it draw?
Lutheran church cantata is a recitative-aria contemporary opera of secular nature
that was encouraged in the church by the Lutheran ministers. The music was drawn
from the secular music arena.
6. Identify the functions of the chorus, recitative, and aria in a typical opera or
oratorio. Describe howNAWM, items 103a, 103b, 103c, and 103f, fulfill these
The primary function of the chorus, recitative, and aria in a typical opera or
oratorio is to emphasize on the topic or the idea that the song is all about. The
repetition helps in driving the message in the most efficient manner to the

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