Answer & Explanation:Compare and contrast the two concepts
of employee satisfaction and engagement. They are two distinct concepts,
they are not the same thing but many organizations treat them as they
are. Which of the two do you think an organization should strive for
(and why)? There are more sources for information on the topic of
satisfaction versus enjoyment but here is the Blessing White video
listed in the course materials for easy reference. 
According to our reading materials
this week, employee satisfaction is how employees feel regarding their
pay, work/life balance, benefits, and work environments, etc. On the
other hand, employee engagement is about commitment; how willing
employees are to carry out duties beyond theirs. Highly engaged
employees are innovative and are committed in helping the business
achieve its strategy and goals.
Employee satisfaction is not adequate
enough to keep employees around nor does it foster job performance that
contribute to business strategy. I can attest to that because I’ve
experienced it. I worked for a company that provided me an enticing
compensation package but that wasn’t enough to keep me around.
Performance reports were scarce and didn’t offer much insight on
employee progress.

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