Answer & Explanation:1.  Review at least five of the
power point presentations shared by your classmates and select one from
the ones you reviewed that you think is a “best pick” for accomplishing
the objectives of the assignment  (not how much you liked the graphics
or presentation’s general appeal). Elements you could focus on include
the SWOT assessment and the recap of the issues facing the new HR
2.  In preparation of next week’s assignment (still using the SHRM case study), share in advance:
A.  Your beginning thinking of the So That Statement for
Reyes HR department (this is the mission statement which describes the
Who, What and Why of the HR team). 
Who: The HR Team are strategic positioners who
What: Serve their internal customers to ensure core employee
competencies, an engaged workforce and co-creation of strategic
Why: So that Reyes has sustained business success. 
Tool 4.1 HR Strategy Statement
B.  One of your recommendations that you will make to improve the HR function at Reyes.
C.  At least one metric you will use to measure the effectiveness of the transformation you propose for Reyes’s HR function.
3.  After taking the self assessment for Module/Commentary
four, please share with the class how well you did on it and share what
segment of the module was most helpful to you this week.

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