Answer & Explanation:The final exam will be administered online.  It will consist of a series of two writing assignments dealing with major themes in the course and require critical thinking and problem-solving.  You may be asked to complete a task, such as to create a historical game or short lecture on a topic.  This is an open-note exam, meaning that you can use any notes and resources that you have gathered this semester.  Your response will be based on a variety of factors, including strength of argument, evidence used to support your argument, punctuation and grammar (coherency), and time allotted to the task.This is a timed exam.  Once you open the exam window, you will have 120 minutes to complete the final exam once you begin.  You will be allowed one attempt to complete it. Good luck!Note: this is a timed quiz. You may check the remaining time you have at any point while taking the quiz by pressing the keyboard combination SHIFT, ALT, and T… Again: SHIFT, ALT, and T…Question 150 pts1.How did war and conflict impact the United States in the 20th century, economically, socially, and culturally? Choose two wars to discuss and use specific examples from the readings and lectures to support your argument. Why do you think understanding these two conflicts is important than other wars that occurred?  Use specific examples from the readings and lectureParagraphQuestion 250 pts2.The year is 2050.  A young person in your family was told that you took a course in 20th century history and has asked for your help understanding the period because they are confused as to if the period was important to their life being it was many years ago.  Although you know there were critical changes that impacted many people’s lives, the child wants to know specifics.3..The child asks you, “How has this history of the 20th century impacted Americans in the 21st century?”  How would you answer this question to help them gain a greater appreciation for the events that occurred?  Use specific examples from the readings and lectures to help support your argument.

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