Answer & Explanation:*******PLEASE ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN DETAIL MUST BE 5-6 PAGES********For this assignment, you will choose one (1) major food / equipment distributor, either global, regional, or local (i.e., Sysco Foods Inc., U.S. Foods, Sherwood Food Distributors, or S&W Wholesale Foods), for restaurants and conduct an in-depth research study. Choose one (1) distributor company and provide a brief overview including:
a history of the company
the geographical areas that they serve
a high-level list of supplies they offer (by category)
the main competitors
2.   Choose one (1) competitive distribution company and compare and contrast
five (5) similar products (offered by both firms) in the areas of price,
quality, and value. Create a table to represent the data.
3.  Provide an overview of this company’s payment policy including:
the objective of payment policy
the costs of paying early
the costs of late payment
the mechanics of bill paying
4.  Determine whether or not to choose this distributor as the main supplier for
the restaurant chain you selected in Assignment  Explain the decision by
discussing the following items: 
The impact of this distributor’s purchasing policy on the supplier
This distributor’s ranking based on the supplier selection criteria outlined
in Chapter 12 of the Feinstein and Stafanelli textbook.  
The most important supplier selection criteria for this distributor.
The comparison between this distributor and its competitors based on the
most important selection criteria identified in number 5c.

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