Answer & Explanation:Health Assessment tool
for Woman and Heart DiseaseInvestigate a health risk assessment tool for one of the
following: (dietary, mental health, home health, depression, cultural
competency, pain, nutrition, environmental, newborn, child, elderly,women and
heart disease, osteoporosis, skin cancer, breast cancer, stroke, MI, childhood
asthma, and child’s healthy lifestyle).
Have 10 individuals complete the health risk assessment
tool. Analyze the reliability and validity, and reading level of the tool.
Present findings in a PowerPoint presentation. My portionSlides 1 and 2 must show
all ten test results. Slides 3 and 4 are to provide analysis and evaluation
from the ten results. Slide 5 is the conclusion.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is
expected.Note . i will send you  all 10 results
from random individuals:
Make sure that all
slides have speaker notes added in the bottom with proper referencing that is
advanced nursing journals less than 5 years old.

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