Answer & Explanation:Choose 2 of the 5 attached profiles and write at least a 525- to 1,050-word Health and Wellness Summary for each individual.In your summary, include the following topics:An initial assessment of the person’s health based on the profile characteristics.Risk factors that this person may face.At least 2 suggestions to improve their specific health and wellness.2 web resources you may send this person to consult based on your suggestions.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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Health and Wellness
• Age: 55
• Occupation: long-distance truck driver
• Lifestyle: smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a
day, eats mainly fast food and processed
snacks. High cholesterol. BMI = 30
• Family history: heart disease and high
• Fitness plan: occasional walks, no regular
physical activity
• Age: 40
• Occupation: Investment banker
• Lifestyle: works 60+ hours per
week, healthy diet. BMI = 19
• Family history: depression and
bi-polar disorder among family
• Fitness plan: Cardio 6 times per
week, 60 minute sessions
• Age: 25
• Occupation: unemployed
• Lifestyle: smokes 2 packs a day and
drinks alcohol every day (5+ drinks
per day). Diet includes mostly fast
food or frozen meals. BMI = 20
• Family history: unknown
• Fitness plan: none
• Age: 46
• Occupation: college professor
• Lifestyle: healthy diet, bikes to work.
BMI = 27
• Family history: heart disease and
mental illness
• Fitness plan: Yoga or Pilates 2 times
per week, cardio 3 times per week
• Age: 75
• Occupation: retired
• Lifestyle: lives alone, diet includes a
mix of healthy food and prepared
food and snacks. BMI = 23
• Family history: heart disease, breast
and colon cancer, high cholesterol,
kidney disease
• Fitness plan: occasional walks- less
than 2 miles per week.

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