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My topic is “google glass”
1) A 1-2 page (single-spaced, about 600-1000 words) executive summary of the technology
(topics described below), due before the next session of class and submitted via e-mail.
2) A brief (5 minute presentation, 3 minutes for questions) presentation of the content of item 2.
Executive summary content includes:
1. Identification of the technology
1. Name
2. Description
2. Potential markets
3. Key players in the area of the technology
1. Identify the various types of entities (individuals, firms, non-profits, etc.) – which
of those are involved, and how?
2. Identify the array of technologies around this technology – complements,
competitors, etc.
3. Show the relationship between the various players (use a diagram if that helps).
4. References
References should include pointers to any source you referenced (whether you quoted it or just
used its ideas). Reference list and in-text citations should be in APA style (citations in (Author
Year) format), but I’m not fanatic about format for this project.

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