Answer & Explanation:needs to be 500 words for each question use book Rowntree, Lewis, Price, and Wyckoff. 2017. Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, 5th ed.3) After carefully reading Chapter 2 and pages 70-79 of Chapter 3, also read pages 220-226 of Chapter 7 and pages 176-186 of Chapter 8. Then view the following videostream: Discuss the causes of global climate change and its consequences in North America, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 4) In reading Chapter 3, closely examine Figure 3.20, Figure 3.22, Figure 3.23, Figure 3.24, and Figure 3.28. Discuss how immigrants have been important in reference to the peopling of North America, and explain the projected demographic characteristics of the United States in 2050. (Chapter 3) 5) Discuss the concept of the Maquiladora in Mexico and ponder how NAFTA has affected this phenomenon. Consider where maquiladoras have developed since NAFTA came into effect by going to the below web site and noting the locations of the top cities for Mexico’s export-related jobs: Use your atlas to note the locations of these cities. Then look at Figure 4.25, which illustrates language usage, and is thus a good indicator of ethnicity. Compare where maquiladoras are located and the location of indigenous populations. Address whether or not maquiladoras have been a benefit or a liability to Mexico. Or has it benefitted some and not benefitted others? (Chapter 4)

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