Answer & Explanation:Prepare a formal 10-page research paper on Transportation Demand:  An
Evaluation in Sources of Transportation Demand across three Pacific Rim
Countries, South/West of the Equator. (Countries of Your Choice). NOTE: The title, table of contents, and references are NOT included in the
minimum 10 pages.   Submit a one-page outline of research paper, 26 August.
Your paper should include the following:
Overall format, i.e.,
typed, use of page numbers, title page, table of contents, illustrations, etc.
Structure and clarity
of the report. 
Thoroughness of the
report. See Research Paper Format(PDF) for details.
Use of information to
support your position including illustrations, photos, figures, and references,
as appropriate. 
Evidence of proofing,
i.e., few or no spelling errors, appropriate labels on figures and tables,
Correct grammar and usage. 
Variety and
documentation of references used. Format for citations and references should
follow APA style conventions. 
Paper Format
paper must follow APA format, be at least 10 double-spaced typed pages and

Title Page
o Title
o Your name
o Course
o Date

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

o Purpose of paper
o Any definitions required
o Why the topic is important to business
and/ or military operations

o More complete description of topic and
any background information required
o Why the topic is important to
logisticians in their role of supporting the
o business or military operation
o Key characteristics associated with the
o One or more examples to illustrate key

Conclusion, i.e., summarize:
o What you have found
o Why the topic is important
o Implications for business or military

List of references

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