Answer & Explanation:Find a real example of each of the following below either around the house, work or campus and describe the example in detail and print a picture.and put the pictures in a Powerpoint. CANNOT NOT USE THE INTERNET AT ALL FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IF SO WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF ZERO. If you can’t follow the instructions please do not bid and waste my time. Pictures needs to be in a Powerpoint.Isosceles triangle, Equilateral triangle, Scalene triangle, Hexagon, Heptagon, Trapezoid, Acute angle,Obtuse angle, Complimentary angles, Supplementary angles, Pyramid, Pentagon, Parallelogram, Cube, Cone and Sphere1. Find the perimeter of 3 of the above figures.2. Find the total degree of all angles and individual angle measurements of your regular polygon.3. Find the area of 3 of your figures.4. Find the volume of 3 of the above figures5. Find the surface area of 2 of the above figures6. How might geometry be used to build a feeling of community?7. How can geometry be used to promote responsible stewardshipPLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN DO THE ASSIGNMENT..I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASTE AND ALSO IF YOU CAN’T FALL WITHIN MY BUDGET PLEASE DO NOT BID..THANKS

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