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Extraneous Variables are unfavorable variables that impact the relationship between the variables that a researcher is examining. They exist in all studies and can affect measurement and the relationships with the variables. These variables can influence the outcome of the experiment, even though they are not the variables of interest. The researchers goal is to limit or control the extraneous variables as possible. This is done by building controls into the study to minimize influence.  These controls need to be reported in the study results so that upon duplication of study they take the controls onto account. However, the researchers provide very strong sample inclusion and exclusion criteria that limit the potential effects of extraneous variables and improve the representativeness of the sample (Grove 387). Other method to control the variables is to include randomization of subjects to groups. The amount of control that the researcher has over the variables being studied varies, from very little in exploratory studies to a great deal in experimental design, but the limitations on control must be addresses in any research proposal (Silverstein, 2012)

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