Answer & Explanation:Please choose any case from your reading in your textbook to
Essentials of Practical Real Estate Law
Fifth Edition
Daniel F. Hinkel
(Hinkel iii)
Hinkel, Daniel F.Essentials of Practical Real Estate Law, 5e, 5th Edition.
Cengage Learning, 02/2011. VitalBook file.
The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation
for accuracy before use.
( .  
Then find it on LexisNexis and read the full case opinion.
 Next, prepare a 1-2 page case brief.  
There are several documents on how to brief a case attached.
Let me know if you have questions!
PS – The attached pdf’s have instructions on how to brief a case.  If you
are interested in reading aboutDelahunty v. Hinkley, which is
referenced in the samples,

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