Answer & Explanation:Discuss a recent hotel or restaurant experience in which your perceptions far exceeded your expectations for the service received. Connect what you experience with your readings and class discussion on service management. (look it at files)Essays must uploaded as .docx files and are to be formatted in single-spaced 12 point Times
New Roman font, one inch margins, right justification turned off, double-spaced paragraphs with
no first line indents (use the sample essay appearing on the last page of this syllabus as an
example of correct formatting). No essay title, student name, course name or restatement of the
essay assignment should appear in the essay. Each essay must contain at least four paragraphs.
Essay content must be relevant to the assignment, contain a minimum of 500 words, must follow
the formatting guidelines above, be free of spelling and grammar errors, and have an Originality
Report less than 25% to receive a score of 100 points.

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HMD 101
Service Quality
Guest Sessions
Lunch at Metro Pizza 11:30-12:30 for invitees
Come up before class and have a few words
Format of class
Talking in class
Come up after class and have a few words
Ask for coffee during their stay
HMD 101
Bryan Hayes – Chief Operating Officer Select Service
Hunter Carmichael- Regional Vice President Select Service
Alexis Andriunas – Sales Manager – Residence Inn, Austin TX Northwest
White Lodging Services
Wednesday September 14th
Open ended question session
What are you currently reading?
How important is GPA?
What is your favorite alcohol beverage?
How did you overcome a major disappointment?
What kind of car do you drive?
The compensation question . . .
HMD 101
what does this represent
Managing Service Operations
Create distinctive/sustainable service strategies
Execute service models that enable customers,
employees and owners to thrive
Leverage data and analytics
Adapt to evolving customer needs
Adapt to changing competitive landscapes
HMD 101
Service Quality Management
Creating a competitive advantage by the
professional management of service quality
Customer Value – worth of existing repeat
customers who are known in person
Brand Value – brands, trademarks, product
names, domains and other similar items
declining value of brands & rise of customer relationships
HMD 101
There is only one boss. The customer. And she can fire everybody in the
company from the chairman on down, simply by spending her money
somewhere else.
Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart
What is Service
An act, performance, deed or encounter in time
Four features of service (vs. manufacturing)
Intangible – can’t touch this
Inseparable – production/consumption
Heterogeneous – extremely variable
Perishable – cannot be stored
HMD 101
Typical example or pattern of something
Distinct set of concepts or thought patterns
Standards that contribute to a field
Evolve and change over time
The world is flat
The customer is always right
Customer First Paradigms
Managing P’s and E’s
Service recovery
HMD 101
Managing Ps and Es
Defined by customer ONLY
Defined by only two variables: P’s and E’s
Comparison by customer
Managing Service Quality
Managing service quality is managing both
perceptions and expectations
Measuring P’s and E’s
Monitoring P’s and E’s
HMD 101
service recovery
A great hotel or restaurant does not distinguish
itself by how few mistakes it makes, but how
well it handles those mistakes
The key is how to resolve the problem so that
the guest does not leave with it
HMD 101
-4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4
Service Recovery
Action taken in response to a service failure
Process of returning a dissatisfied customer to
a state of satisfaction and beyond
Attempts to solve problems at the time of the
service encounter
Customer retention strategy

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