Answer & Explanation:In this Unit Project, pay special attention to presenting your evidence. Each fact needs to be introduced, stated, cited, and interpreted.Your research needs to include both your textbook and outside resources such as books or websites. Textbook is Modern Chemistry Holt McDougal Authors Sarquis and SarquisYou need at least two resources besides your textbook, although more will lend strength to your argument. Make sure that your sources are credible! Wikipedia will not be acceptable for this project. As always, include supporting examples for your claims, and quote and cite throughout your paper.For this Unit Project, plan your own research method. Here is the prompt you will address:Explain the development of atomic theory and periodic table. Your audience should be an imaginary classmate – someone who has a surface-level knowledge, but has not studied this topic deeply.Some points that you should consider as you are researching and composing your paper are:Who were the scientists who were key figures in the development of atomic theory?Who discovered which parts of the atom?How did these scientists develop their model of the atom?Explain disagreements between scientists and their models.Explain how atoms were organized into the periodic table.These points should all be addressed in the body of your paper. This paper should be informative in tone and purpose, and should not include your opinion.In the conclusion of your paper, discuss the significance of this information. How does this history show us the importance of self-correction within the scientific method? Also, why is the atomic theory important to an average person’s daily life?Your paper should be between 750-1250 words (3-5 double-spaced pages). You must include a Works Cited page (including the textbook and two credible outside resources) as well as in-text citations.In addition to your paper, you must include a short writer’s reflection. In this reflection, describe your research process.How do you find resources?How do you determine if a resource is reliable?How do you tell the difference between primary and secondary sources?How do you take notes? What sort of technology or organizational tools do you use to keep your notes organized?What steps do you use to avoid plagiarising accidentally?This reflection must be included after the Works Cited page within the same document as your essay. This is an informal piece that should address all the questions, but does not need to be academic in tone. It should be between 100-200 wordsAtomic Theory Essay RubricExcellentAveragePoorFocus: 20%Essay clearly maintainsfocus and remains on topic throughout.Essay follows all aspects of essay promptEssay lapses in focus on the topicEssay follows some instructions some of the timeEssay may fail to establish focus on the topic.Essay does not follow instructions or essay promptOrganization: 30%Student uses introduction paragraph to provide background on the topic and state the thesisStudent uses topic sentences to show how one paragraph leads to the othersStudent uses a conclusion to tell the reader “So What?”Student has an introduction, but sentences are mostly “filler”Student has topic sentences, but they do not promote argument or transition from one idea to anotherStudent’s conclusion is present but does not tie up the essayStudent lacks an introductionTopic Sentences are absent or confusingConclusion is absentSupport/Evidence: 30%Essay includes multiple supporting details from research including expert quotes, historical facts, or statisticsEssay explains the relevance of the evidence presented and how it relates to the thesisEssay includes a few supporting details, but they are too few or weak (such as anecdotes or appeals to emotion)Evidence is presented but not incorporated or explainedEssay is mostly opinionEvidence is insufficient or absentWriter’s Reflection: 10%Reflection is present as directed and addresses all bullet points thoughtfullyReflection is present but does not address all bullet pointsReflection is absentGrammar/Mechanics: 10%Essay is relatively error-freeEssay includes multiple error patterns such as spelling and grammatical errors.Essay includes significant errors that hinder the reader’s understanding, such as spelling and grammatical errors.”Make sure to show your work and use the correct amount of significant figures. “

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