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Select a company (existing or a new business). As a consultant, you have been hired by the
Board of Directors of the company to develop a global strategy plan for the company. You need
to make a recommendation (why, how, and when) to the board in regards to their existing and
future global strategic plan. This global strategic plan will be presented to the company’s Board
of Directors, CEO and Chairman.
The comprehensive consultative report (approximately 10 pages) should have the following

Title Page
Table of Contents
Firm Analysis (brief history, product / service offerings, financial condition, management
philosophy / culture, current and past global position / strategy, etc.)
o Industry Analysis (Domestic and Global)
o Industry growth, trends, characteristics
o Competitive Analysis
o 5 Forces of Competitiveness
o Other Factors, if applicable: Technology, Politics, Society, consumer trends,
environment, natural disasters, government, economy, etc.
SWOT Analysis
Recommendations / Suggestions (highly graded and must explain in detail why and how.
Must be supported with peer review / scholarly publications)
Appendix (if any)
APA format: All sources should be posted in the body of the paper as well as at the end

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