Answer & Explanation:I need only 2 out of the 3 discussion questions answered in a minimum 200 words each with at least one source cited properly, APA style.

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Google’s Privacy
Please read the Google Privacy Article.docx. The article discusses Google’s approach to
Privacy. What do you think about their privacy policy? How would it impact an organization
that is contemplating using Google as its enterprise communication platform? What social media
services that Google provides would you allow your employees to use, and what type of policy
would you recommend the company adopt for the use of Google services? What security risks do
you foresee using Google Cloud services? Remember to cite your sources.
Vulnerability Assessment
After watching the two videos on Vulnerability
Assessment, and
ch?v=GqhdQ6I6dMA, how can you use this methodology to combat risk? Describe a situation
where you would use it and why? What challenges would you face in using it?
Business Executive’s Guide to IT Architecture
Read the article entitled Business Executive’s Guide to IT Architecture, located
Numerous organizations do not have a well defined architecture and the processes in place to
maintain and manage changes. What are two reasons that IT architectures are important? How
about a security architecture? Are they one and the same? Why should you care?

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