Answer & Explanation:Hello,There are 4 different questions. For every topic there must be 3 web link or sources which needs to be explained at least two paragraphs. After three web links are explained, one full page essay.Page one: first weblink or online source: Explain at least two paragraph. page two: 2nd weblink or online source: Explain at least two paragraph.Page three: 3nd weblink or online source: Explain at least two paragraphs.Page four: Full essay adding all three above pages and personal ideas.Introduction.Main body and paragraphs.Conclusion.”no word count. single line spacing for essay one full page. 3 web links for each topic – two paragraphs which explains the web links. for all four topics same procedure”Same format for all four essays.

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Attach a three source annotated, bibliography of articles that you read before you
wrote the paper. Explain at least two paragraphs on each annotation and one full
paper expressing your views.
1. Write a one page paper describing a proposed secure password policy.
2. Difference Between Public and Private Key Encryption?
3. Describe Security Model for Diffie Helman Key Exchange?
4. Discuss Apple FBI Conflict ?

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