Answer & Explanation:I will do #3. Number two pps will be posted by this Sunday or Monday1.  Compare and contrast the two concepts of employee
satisfaction and engagement. They are two distinct concepts, they are
not the same thing but many organizations treat them as they are. Which
of the two do you think an organization should strive for (and why)?
There are more sources for information on the topic of satisfaction
versus enjoyment but here is the Blessing White video listed in the
course materials for easy reference. 
Employee Engagement  Blessing White
2.    Review at least five of your class
mates second power point presentations and share which one you would
select as a best pick in achieving the objectives of the assignment. Share your choice here and not in the topic area where the PPPs were presented.
3.  Take the self-assessment at the end of
module/commentary six and share which one question/answer highlighted a
point that was most compelling to you. Provide your rationale for your

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