Answer & Explanation:Hi, you have to write 5 pages for the midterm and continue with another 5 pages for the final, so in the final there will be 10 pages. For now we have to give the professor 5 pages for the midterm.I will attach the guide for the paperThe topic is: MIDTERM EXAMHOW HAS THE OIL REVENUES FROM HE LAST 20YEARS IMPACTED THE LIVES OF CITIZENS IN (Colombia)?

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Mid-Term and Final Paper Requirements
– Cover Page (Your Name
Name of Professor
Course Title
CRN Number
– Table of Contents
– Abstract (5sentences) the findings about the research paper/policy brief or what we learned
about the paper/policy brief)
– The Issues and The One Question That You Will address in the Research Paper/ Policy Brief
– Background Info It must be reference APA
– Arguments: For. It must have referenced APA
– Arguments: Against. It must have referenced APA
– Contradictions
– Personal opinion
Policy Recommendation (s) (Policy is a set of ideas that address a particular issue with a view of
resolving the issue one way or the other)
Minimum of 5 references and three of them must be from non-profit organization/ThinkTank/Academic Journal
– No Wikipedia
– In the Final Exam/Policy Brief you require 10 references
– You must conduct an interview (for final exam) with a Non-Profit or An Embassy submit it
with Final Paper/Policy Brief
For those students who have to see Professor Tennassee, bring the concept of what the issue is
and what the question is.

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