Answer & Explanation:As with you Research Project, you will want to refine aspects of your
Case Study Analysis to ensure that your hard work is reflective in a
quality final piece. Here are some things you will want to keep in mind:
Remember that
this is still a scientific paper. Therefore, it should hold to all the
APA standards that have been mastered during your journey. That includes
the use of professional language, including the use of third-person
language.Be sure to
cite sources. This will be essential when you are describing
symptomology and etiology. You also may find it helpful when addressing
the psychological perspective used to determine your analysis. You will want
to review the rubric to ensure that you have covered all the aspects
that will be used during the assessment of your work. It may be helpful
to assess your own work as though it were not your own work.
Your final Case Study Analysis, which should follow standard APA guidelines, should include the following:
Cover PageAbstract: One paragraph briefly describing the caseIntroductionDiagnosisTreatment PlanAnticipated PrognosisReferences

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