Answer & Explanation:About
Our cells have their
own unique characteristics. One is that all cells contain organelles. If we
apply our knowledge of medical terminology, we know that the word root
“organ” means an independent structure made up of tissues that performs a
special function. The suffix “-elle” means small. With that, the organelles
are small organs that help to keep a cell alive.

Sandy decided to
visit the dermatologist for her first chemical peel as a way to exfoliate her
skin. Sandy’s dermatologist recommended she remove the dead skin cells that
clog the surface of her skin to help her maintain healthy skin. In fact, her
doctor shared that chemical peels speed up the production of new skin cells.
Sandy is curious and asks the doctor to tell her more about the cells in her

If you were the
doctor, how would you respond to Sandy? Consider the following when

do cells repair themselves?

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