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Career Management: Researching Career Opportunities: Perhaps you won’t be able to land
your ultimate dream job right out of college, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning
right now to make that dream come true.
Your task: Using online job search tools, find a job that sounds just about perfect for you, even if
you’re not yet qualified for it. It might even be something that would take 10 or 20 years to
reach. Don’t settle for something that’s not quite right— find a job that is so “you” and so
exciting that you would jump out of bed every morning, eager to go to work (such jobs really do
exist!). Start with the job description you found online and then supplement it with additional
research so that you get a good picture of what this job and career path are all about. Compile a
list of all the qualifications you would need in order to have a reasonable chance of landing such
a job. Now compare this list with your current résumé. Write a brief email message to your
instructor that identifies all the areas in which you would need to improve your skills, work
experience, education, and other qualifications in order to land your dream job.
15-25. Career Skills / Video Skills
Message Strategies: Completing a Résumé [LO-4] In the right circumstances, brief videos can
be an effective complement to a traditional job-search communication package.
Your task: Find a job opening that interests you (something you are at least partially qualified
for at this stage of your career) and produce a two-minute video pro le of yourself, highlighting
the skills mentioned in the job description. For tips on producing effective video
, visit www.indie-
16-25. Career Management: Interviewing Select a company in an industry in which you might
like to work and then identify an interesting position within the company. Study the company
and prepare for an interview with that company.
Your task: Working with a classmate, take turns interviewing each other for your chosen
positions. Interviewers should take notes during the interview. When the interview is complete,
critique each other’s performance. (Interviewers should critique how well candidates prepared
for the interview and answered the questions; interviewees should critique the quality of the
questions asked.) Write a follow-up letter thanking your interviewer and submit the letter to your

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