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In the past few decades physicians have attempted to balance their care by reclaiming medicine’s more spiritual roots, recognizing that until modern times, spirituality was often linked with health care (Puchalski,2001).Chapter three of the textbook Called to Care A Christian Worldview for Nursing states that the knowledge of nursing sciences coupled with spirituality, belief in God are both important to have, that they are both a gift of God. This would most likely be accepted by Christians without argument. The reading however also suggests that this is not simply a belief held by Christians, that we must be open minded to accept that this is a belief held by nurses, persons of other faiths than Christian. With this in mind, there is merit in learning what our patients believe in, that taking a spiritual history is as important as taking the patient’s health history. Their religious beliefs may have a direct effect on their healing process, those who have regular religious practices heal better and are sick less often than those who do not.It is also important to point out that a person’s spiritual, religious beliefs can have a direct correlation on their belief as to why they became ill, or why their spouse of child died. They may see it as punishment, or judgement of God (Christian God, or no).I think it strange how I seem to have found so much more information regarding the cultural tension of religion than that of the scientific. I absolutely believe that we can have great scientific knowledge of science, but to have great nursing, we have to also possess some form of religious treatment of all human beings, Christian or not. Even Atheists can be very kind and caring to humans and animals, which in its own sense is Godly.

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