Answer & Explanation:The Paper is about should Britain leave the EU? EU stands for European union.  Write the paper as if this is the past and are advising the british prime minister on what we should do.  My part of the paper is to focus on the positive effects on Tourism and the Negative effects on the loss of jobs.  should be about 5 pages long. please follow the information below as it comes directly from the professor.  The part in bold is important, if outside sources are used please properly quote them and have a proper works cited page
If you choose to be a Government consultant:
Pick an International
decision that a Government has recently made or is contemplating. For example, should
Britain be advised (for the sake of British citizens) to leave the EU (European
Union)? This approach to this project
should be similar to the international corporate decision project, except
instead of reporting to a Board of Directors and focusing on the decision as it
affects firm value, instead, you will report to a Congressional Committee and
focus on the maximization of social welfare.
writing your report, you are welcome to use electronic sources for information.
You must however provide references (by using quotation marks and footnotes
with the precise reference) and make it clear precisely what is and is not your
personal writing and analysis versus what comes directly from a source. If I
cannot tell clearly what you write as opposed to what comes from
a source, at best this will count heavily against you and at worst your group
will face plagiarism charges.
I grade the report, I will be concentrating a lot more on the “why’s”
than the “what’s”. In other words, do not simply bombard me with an
overload of data. Everything you present should have logical relevance towards
your goal of maximizing firm value or social welfare. Your goal as an effective
communicator is to explain how and why your data is relevant to firm
value / social welfare.

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