Answer & Explanation:Chapter 4 (Leadership T & P) – Behavioral Approach Chapter 5 (Leadership T & P) – Situational Approach Chapter 7 (IBM) – One Step Forward:  Two Steps Back Chapter 8 (IBM) – Expect MoreGo to the Student Resources pages for Northouse’s Leadership: Theory and Practice Seventh Edition ( Please read Chapters 4 and 5 in Leadership, Theory and Practice and Chapters 7 and 8 in The Imperfect Board Member. Think about and select personal leadership experiences where you were the leader, or inspired by a leader. Using the ESSAY FORMAT, describe each incident thoroughly providing examples of your experiences, along with research to support your answers and conclusions. Be elaborate as to why you chose those experiences and what was gained in new values from your personal experiences. Provide personal insights and relevant observations of what were the lasting and indelible features you were able to retain and still use today in your daily life. How did the leadership events change your ethical compass and help formulate new meanings in your dealings with other people? In your life lessons, find research that accentuates your confirmed leadership style and explain why these lessons are most important in your daily life. Submit your assignment in ESSAY FORMAT.  Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format.  Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors. You should be doing this often in your responses.Assignment OutcomesCritically analyze your own leadership style(s) and the impact of those approaches in the workplace. Evaluate an organizational situation and discuss the process of leadership within groups relating to the alignment of the group to rules and norms of the organization.

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