Answer & Explanation:The topic is Authentication The format needed for the summary : Remember that all sources must be from 2014 or later.Each student must create five summaries using at least four sentences. The five summaries must consist of two scholarly articles, one-two magazines/publications, and one-two blogs/websites (no wikipedia or anything sketchy). The summaries must be related to this week’s topic.  The summary should explain the content (1 pt)  and the importance to someone in the cyber security domain (1 pt).  The summary should emphasize how the article adds to the community (builds on the pasts) [Additive].  When selecting and reading the resource, consider Why the article is worth someone’s time to read?  How is the article benefiting the community?  And What new do (does) the author(s) offer?The format should be like this at the end : Article 1 Title – Author(s) – Year of Publication – Journal ArticleURL to articleBrief writeup (4 sentences)

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