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Assignment 3: Staffing Your Intrapreneurship Plan
Take the intrapreneurship plan you created for Assignment 2. Think about the people you would
need and the skills they need to possess to effectively support your intrapreneurial business idea.
Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
1. Assess the type of team you consider the most appropriate to support your intrapreneur
o Tip: Check Chapter 9, page 282. Click here for help accessing a specific page
number in your eBook.
2. Explain how you will recruit (both internally and externally) the members of your team.
o Tip: Check Chapter 8, pages 232-234
3. Identify the key position to lead your team. Then, create the job posting for the position
including salary range.
o Tip: Review job descriptions using your favorite job search engine (e.g.,,,, etc.), and check
common skills and requirements for similar positions. For the salary range, you
can visit or
4. Use at least two (2) quality academic resources you have located using the Strayer
Learning Resources Center (LRC) / Strayer in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia does not
qualify as an academic resource, and neither do web-based blogs.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins
on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s
name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not
included in the required assignment page length.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Apply the four (4) functions of management and effective decision making to efficiently
utilize resources and achieve organizational goals.
Integrate the core human resource management functions and considerations into viable
recommendations to meet the organization’s operating requirements.
Examine team concepts and effective communication in the workplace.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in contemporary business.
Write clearly and concisely about contemporary business using proper writing
Assignment 2: Intrapreneurship Plan
Assignment 2: Intrapreneurship Plan
Toftoy & Chatterjee (2004) define intrapreneurship as the array of activities, whether
formal or informal, that is designed to create to generate business prospects within an established
company by the developments of products, services, processes, or the market. The aim of the
concept of intrapreneurship is to encourage employees to develop their own strategies, ideas, and
innovative solutions that can be transformed into workable plans that can benefit the company if
pursued. According to Azami (2013), intrapreneurship can result in amazing procedural and
product advancements for a company. The overwhelming need for business progression and stiff
market competition are some of the factors that encourage the shift towards intrapreneurship.
The maritime support services industry is among those experiencing a surge in competition.
Greystone Ltd has been in the maritime support business since 2004 (Greystone, 2011).
Accordingly, as the business environment continues to evolve, there will be enhanced
competition, which will also present a risk of stagnation for the company. Therefore, I propose a
business action that involves creating a software application for Greystone Ltd that is designed to
improve customer interaction and service.
Innovativeness of the Proposed Business Action
Azami (2013) posits that innovativeness is one of the foundational blocks for
intrapreneurship. Innovation is defined as personal conduct that is focused on initiating and
intentionally introducing novel and practical ideas, products, processes, or procedures within an
organization (De Jong, 2007). The process of innovation is initiated by the exploration or
discovery of an opportunity. Exploration of opportunities necessarily involves seeking ways of
improving current systems or thinking of alternative ways of managing the current systems.
Therefore, for the innovation process to commence there must be a potential problem that
requires a solution. The identification of the problem is then followed by insights on how to
solve it. As intimated earlier, my proposed business action is the development of Greystone’s
software application to enhance customer interaction and services. My proposed course of action
is informed by two main factors: first, in the increasingly competitive market, customer
interaction and easy communication is one way of keeping the company ahead of the pack.
Second, there is a need for the company to embrace rapid technological developments to avoid
stagnation and decline.
Enhanced customer interaction is an integral part of maritime support services because of
the inherent danger at sea. Therefore, a client’s constant awareness that there is an easy and
accessible means of reaching the company in the event they need back up goes a long way in
deepening customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the same way, the company can harness the
organizational benefits afforded by the software application to conduct transactions between the
company and the clients. For example, a fleet that is about to dock for replenishments can notify
the relevant department of its schedule and needs prior to its arrival such that there is minimal
delay or inconvenience in the delivery of these services. My proposed business action is
innovative because, having explored and identified poor customer interaction strategies and the
risk of technological stagnation as potential problems, my idea seeks to address these problems
through the adoption of a technological solution that will solve both problems. Consequently, the
adoption of this proposal would result in better customer interaction and ensure the company’s
technological advancement as well. The idea offers a new way to solve prevailing complications.
Benefits of the Proposed Action to the Company’s Return on Investments (ROI)
A Return on Investment (ROI) involves a comparative analysis of the cost of an
undertaking against the benefits that the undertaking presents. The cost-benefit analysis that
determines an undertaking’s ROI serves three main purposes. First, the ROI can be employed as
a planning tool. Second, the ROI can be utilized as an evaluation instrument, and third, the ROI
can be a means of developing quantitative support for an undertaking. My proposed business
action will benefit Greystone’s ROI in various ways. First, the contemporary environment is
increasingly shifting to online transaction systems. As more people engage in online shopping
and payments through their devices, sales on the online platform will obviously increase. The
company can, therefore, take advantage of its online presence and curve out a niche for itself
within the maritime support services sector. Second, the enhanced customer interaction and the
resulting customer sensitivity will definitely inspire customer loyalty thereby ensuring a steady
stream of repeat clients. Finally, the proposal will benefit the company’s ROI because the
software application will dispense with the need for a majority of the human customer service
executives resulting in an austere workforce. Accordingly, with these positions phased out, the
idea will result in a lean work force and the company will no longer have to incur expenses on
their salaries and consequential benefits.
Plan Presentation to the Supervisor
My Proposal’s Vision
A vision refers to an articulate statement that expresses an individual’s or an entity’s
strategic objectives. An organization’s vision statement is designed to ensure that those involved
have an adequate comprehension of the context and limits within which they operate in order to
avoid any poor decision-making at all levels. Accordingly, my proposal’s vision entails the
adoption and implementation of contemporary technological advancements by Greyscale
Limited as solutions to the problems caused by declining customer interaction and
communication as a means of maintaining our competitive edge in the maritime support services
Required Resources
The execution of my proposal shall necessarily be resource intensive. Financially, the
development of a vibrant software application that relies on external information sources and one
which is based on a database requires a budgetary allocation of between $50,000 and $750,000.
The human resource aspect will involve the recruitment of the services of a competent web
developer or designer who can give an assurance of a quality outcome. The designer’s terms of
reference may be on a full-time or part-time basis, or as a consultant, provided the project is
delivered within schedule. In terms of equipment, the development of an application requires a
functional computer fitted with the necessary programming software. Market placement for the
application will primarily be online stores where the clients can access and download the
Interdepartmental and Inter-organizational Relationships Needed to Implement Proposal
The completion of my proposal will necessarily rely on various interdepartmental and
inter-organizational relationships. From the onset, my intrapreneurial activities have to be
sanctioned and supported by my immediate supervisor. In the same way, the leadership of the
company shall be involved in the critical decision-making that shall determine whether the
proposal will succeed or not. Further, the company’s financial department has an integral role in
bankrolling the implementation of the proposal if it is approved. Once the application has been
created, the human resources department will get involved for two reasons. First, a technical and
maintenance unit, which shall be responsible for the applications servicing and maintenance
must be recruited. Further, the customer service representatives rendered redundant by the
application will either be retrenched or shifted to other departments. Finally, there has to be a
sales and marketing team mandated to target and attract clients and a client relations’ team that
caters to the clients. Therefore, the implementation of the proposal shall require the input of the
company’s management, the finance department, sales and marketing, information technology
and customer relations.
Potential Completion Timeline
Developing and completing a software application takes not less than twenty weeks. The
first ten weeks of development entail developing a user management, creating storage for
information, and the integration of data while the second ten weeks are dedicated to the
development of a user interface. The completion of the software is then followed by test runs to
determine its quality and adherence to the needs and specifications of the company. Conducting
test runs and making any necessary adjustments requires approximately four weeks after which
the application becomes fully operational.
In a word, the concept of intrapreneurship encourages employees to innovate and
advance ideas that can be beneficial to their organizations. In this regard, my assessment of
Greystone Limited, a maritime support service company, reveals that delayed and ineffective
communication and customer interaction present potential challenges to the company. Further,
rapid technological changes create a risk of stagnation and decline for the company.
Consequently, I have proposed the creation of a software application for the company that is
designed to ease access and interaction between the company and the clients and to elevate the
company’s technological capacity. The discourse has elaborated on the justifications for the
proposal as well as on a potential implementation plan.
Azami, S. (2013). Intrapreneurship – “an exigent employment”. International Journal of
Scientific & Technology Research, 2(4).
De Jong, J. (2007). Individual innovation: the connection between leadership and employees’
innovative work behavior (Phd). Zoetermeer: EIM.
Greystone,. (2016). About us. Retrieved 13 August 2016, from
Toftoy, C. & Chatterjee, J. (2004). The intrapreneurial revolution: now is the time for action.
Washington DC. Retrieved from

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