Answer & Explanation:analysis this poem and write a short essay about 300 words.MOURNING THE DYING AMERICAN FEMALE NAMESIn the Altha Diner on the Florida Panhandlea stocky white-haired womanwith a plastic nameplate “Mildred”gently turns my burger, and I fall into grief.I remember the long, hot drives to North Carolinato visit Aunt Alma, who put up quarts of peaches,and my grandmother Gladys with her pieced quilts.Many names are almost gone: Gerturde, Myrtle, Agnes, Bernice, Hortense, Edna, Doris, and Hilda.They were wide women, cotton-clothed, early rising.You had to move your mouth to say their names,and they meant strength, speak, battle, and victory.When did women stop being Saxons and Goths?What frog Fate turned them in to Alison, Melissa,Valerie, Natalie, Adienne, and Lucinda,diminished them to Wendy, Cindy, Suzy, and Vicky?I look at these young womenand hope they are headed for the presidency,but I fear America has other plans in mind,that they be no longer at war but subdued instead in amorphous corporate work,somebody’s assistant, something in a bank,single parent with word-processing skills. They must have been made French so they could be cheap foreign labor.Well, all I can say is, Good luck to youKimberly, Darlene, Cheryl, Heather and May.Good luck April, Melane, Becky, and Kelly.I hope it goes well for you.But for a moment let us mourn.Now is the time to say good-byeto Florence, Muriel, Ethel, and Thelma.Good-bye Minnie, Ada, Bertha, and Edith

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