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Pre School Debate
The majority of parents desire their children to have the best education background
during their young years. However, some still question the essence of their children having to go
through pre-school. This issue has become a debate in the society on whether children should be
taken through pre-school or not. This paper will show the points that explain the necessity of a
child being taken through pre-school.
Children develop most of their traits during their early age. This is because their brain is
young, and this is the stage where they try to learn all things. They internalize both good and bad
things that they learn. It is the mandate of the guardians to teach the child how to take the good
and neglect the bad (Gullo & Hughes, 2011). Therefore, children should be taken to pre-school
so that they may learn cognition and other lessons at an early age. Making the children avoid preschool with the worry that they will get questionable traits since they are not around their parents
most of the time cannot be ideal for the children. Introducing a person to school activity after he
is five or six years will not be ideal for the child since his brain has already developed by a
significant percentage.
The other reason why children should be taken to pre-school is that it provides them
(children) with an environment where they can learn from each other and. This is an environment
that cannot be provided by the parents alone. In case the child does not go to pre-school then he
will only know the home environment hence will not know how to relate to other children.
Failing to interact with other children will make the child grow with the “anti-social” trait that
will make him lonely. Children have to learn how to relate and socialize with other people at an
early stage (Yoshikawa, Weiland, Brooks-Gunn, Burchinal, Espinosa, Gormley & Zaslow,
2013). For example, when children are playing they get to learn a lot from each other.
It is important for children to attend pre-school because most of the activities that take
place at this school level are physical activities (Yoshikawa, Weiland, Brooks-Gunn, Burchinal,
Espinosa, Gormley & Zaslow, 2013). These activities are essential in the development of the
child both physically and mentally. Some people argue that children can still play when they are
at home. This is true, but there will be a limitation of games since some games require several
people. There are children who have been found to grow up with several problems with their
body such as bone problems. A child learning how to play with others at an early stage helps in
the strengthening of bones and also teaching the child socialization strategies.
The final reason why children should attend preschool is that change in lifestyle has made
parents and guardians to have a little time with their children. This means that children will not
be under attention in case they do not attend preschool. Parents nowadays are busy with their
jobs making the best environment for child development to be in school (Augustine, Crosnoe &
Gordon, 2013).
In conclusion, allowing children to attend preschool is an important decision because it
helped in the development of the child in different levels. People are scared that taking children
to school at an early age may lead to them learning harmful habits that may be incorporated in
their mind forever. However, this scare can be eliminated by parents following up on what their
children are learning from interaction with other children in school.
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education. Ann Arbor, MI: Society for Research in Child Development.

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