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Locate and evaluate a periodical or newspaper article in print or online (e.g.,, Wall Street Journal, New
York Times, Time magazine, The Economist, Forbes) that details an economic issue on the local, state, or
federal level. Make sure that the article is dated no longer than six months ago and the article is relevant
to a topic covered in the course.
Upon reading the appropriate article, write a 1000-1500 word analysis, making sure to clearly answer
and include the following:
 Write a summary of the article in your own words with limited quotes or paraphrasing. All quotes and
paraphrasing must have proper APA citations.
 Discuss changes that you would make to your local, state, or national budget based on the economic
issue addressed in this article.
 If you feel no changes are necessary, explain how the current budget influences the circumstances in
the article.
 Include your views (pro/con) on a possible amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced
federal budget.
 Identify and analyze an historical event comparable to your article’s economic issue and how that
incident impacted the daily life (work, home, and recreation) of the time.
 Once you have evaluated the impact of this issue, discuss how the economic issue in your chosen
article applies to your own daily life (work, home and recreation). Your paper should be written using
proper APA format. You should also have proper APA formatted in-text citations and ending references.

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